DGW Workshops Package (10 Workshops)

DGW Workshops Package (10 Workshops)

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Sign up for any existing or up-coming workshops and save up to $28 per workshop!


A flat rate of $120 per workshop for 10 workshops.
Registration using you package is valid for 8 months from package purchase date.
No limits on the number of workshops you can sign up for each month.
Package can be used to off-set payment for any workshop (valued at $138 OR $148) listed on this online shop, regardless of the venues where the workshops are conducted. $20 discount per workshop for any workshop with a value higher than $148 – you will be required to top up the balance if there is any via cash/ bank transfer/ PayNow/ PayLah.

Terms and Conditions:

Payment for the package must be paid at the point of registration.
An account will be created for you upon sign-up for each package.
To use the package to sign up for classes, simply choose “Bank Deposit” as form of payment. You do not have to enter any additional details - the registration will be processed and you will received an email to confirm your registration.
This package is non-transferable. You can only sign up for workshops for yourself.
This package cannot be used to off-set any of your current existing bookings.

All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable.